Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

By Matthew Asher

When the Atlanta Falcons signed Michael Turner to a six-year $34.5 million deal in 2008, they hoped he would improve upon his rushing stats when he played for the Chargers, or at least duplicate the same numbers. Now five years into the contract, it’s looking more and more like Turner’s contract was not worth his production.

(Credit, Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Atlanta may have one of the best offenses in the league, but that’s only because of the passing game. Throughout the season, the run game has constantly been an issue. Whether this section of the game has come close to losing or being responsible for a loss doesn’t really matter. While not every Falcons game has come down to one running play, the running backs for the Falcons have constantly been under-performing.

To put this in context, this will focus on the amount of money Turner has made…

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